Despite the fact that the 2015 World Aggreement of Poker launch is currently taking place in Las Vegas, there are a number of competitions that are set to start this week, and it is worth focusing on. For example, Georgia is hosted by WPT Public, Manila invites Adeft, and the month-long competition starts at Win Korea. Here are some of the most lively poker events for the week from June 1st to 7th, with somewhat more data on them. 안전놀이터 

Summer 2015 The Opening Shot 

The 2015 Summer Opening Shot will start from June 1st and will run through June 13th. The competition will be held at the Foxwoods Resort Gambling Club in Masantoquet, Connecticut. It will highlight 11 banned Hold'em events, buying from $230 to $400. The prize money is also fluctuating from $25,000 to $75,000. 

Best Practices for Win Summer 2015 

The famous Wynn Las Vegas will host the event, which will take place over a month from June 4th to July 11th. Athletes will be given the opportunity to enter 28 special Ban Ban Holds, and will undoubtedly be the most lively competition with a $1,600 Ban Hold'em Headliner for 4 days with a solid prize pool of $300,000. 

The initial investment fee starts at $300, and the guaranteed prize pool varies from $25,000 to $300,000. 

2015 WPT Public Korea

WPT Public will stop by the Koreia-Wager Poker Room in Tbilisi, Georgia the next day to be a four-day European-WPT Public Georgia $1,000 unrestricted hold'em headliner with a solid prize of $1,000. The event starts on June 4. Satellites such as the WPT Koreia Poker Title launched on May 30th. 

2015 Adept Manila 

The tournament is scheduled to be held from June 5th to 9th and is hosted by the Philippine capital waterfront manila rescue inn and gambling club. Players can sign up for over 10 different No Limit Holds starting at PHP 5,500 ($361). The unrestricted Hold'em headliner for $27,500 ($1,805) PHP running over four days will be the hallmark of the competition. It is scheduled to start on June 6th. 

2015 Competition Weekend $50,000 GTD 

This weekend the Dover Downs lodgings and clubs will be inviting participants to the three-day competition, to highlight three special No-Restriction Holdem events. On June 5th, a prize of $165 with a guaranteed prize of $15,000 will be awarded, a prize of $225 with a prize of $30,000 on the 6th, and a prize of $5,000 on June 7 $50 prize money is paid out.