The Dutch House is a reduced bill nationalization of gaming operations sine Holland of the casino 's license for some Download issued prior to be privatized can be in the bill sikyeotdago pass it .


 A guest on the contributions according to , essential for through was published . Although it is always three , but is not expected to occur before the end of January , Holland Casino has 14 of the two casinos licensed four of the recently proposed rule that dogs can see that deprived to obscure the operator Com is now the Senate in   Baccarat site  receive a poll Will be .   


Half Oh teuneun current Holland Casino Roulette , Baccarat , is a leading land-based frame with the legal right to offer games including blackjack , its sales are 10 billion 7 reported that earn net income of $ 10 million . As proposed , the law approved through the House of Representatives will see more state permits for additional casinos, with the effect arising from the new measures that must be officially evaluated in five years .


On the sidewalk , according , the proposed bill would require that operators of destiny assume a role that all employees at their place of purchase bateumyeonseodo , Holland Casino and its 10 buyers of the casino is final 6 permission to build any of the four licenses that there may be no further demands and   first casinos    there .


Finally , the Hague District Court could stipulate that all operators are banned from offering bonuses or loyalty programs in the future, while handling all initial mitigation approaches during the acquisition of Holland Casino .